Fix "file exceeds the maximum upload size" in OrchardCore

If you're running behind Nginx

Posted by admin on January 10, 2024

Getting the File Exceeds the Maximum Upload Size

If you receive a file exceeds the maximum upload size in Orchard Core and you're certain the settings allow for the size image you've uploaded, check to see if you have a reverse proxy the is erroring out too big header response sent from the upstream server.

In my case, the problem was Nginx and not OrchardCore.

502 Bad Gateway from OrchardCore running in Kubernetes

In particular, I run Orchard Core in a Kubernetes cluster configured with an Nginx Ingress Controller.

My symptom was that I couldn't upload images larger than 768 KB even though my OrchardCore settings allowed images up to 4 MB.

After solving a different 502 Bad Gateway error when logging into Orchard, I learned that the Nginx Ingress Controller was erroring out because it was running out of buffer space.

From that troubleshooting experience, I learned that I can configure individual Ingresses to increase that buffer size.

Increase Nginx Buffer Size with Annotations

The solution was to add these annotations to my ingress for my particular OrchardCore site. 30m 256k 'on' '4' 1024m

And that's it!

After I deploy the above ingress annotations to increase the Nginx Ingress controller buffer size, I could sucessfully upload image files up to the size that was configured in OrchardCore media settings.

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