Tips for Writing Better Software

Bad software sucks. It sucks because most programmers want to improve it but can't because the code is poorly designed, hard to read, and harder to modify. It's uncertain if it semantically works the same after a code change. As a programmer, commit to writing better software. Here are three tips to improve your software's design.

Intro to Programming via C#

You can find countless resources online about how to get started in a particular programming language. This post introduces to you to the concept of programming in general using the C# programming language. You will learn basic terminology and actions related to programming and executing a very simple application.

Kubernetes Docker Private Registry Configuration

In this post, I describe how to configure my private Kubernetes cluster to authenticate against a private Docker registry to pull images using a Docker config json secret resource.

Kubernetes kubectl Configuration

If you routinely access a kubernetes cluster but often first need to ssh into a node within the cluster to run kubectl commands, then this post is for you. It covers the steps necessary for you to configure kubectl cli to remotely control a cluster from your own machine. Ideally, you are the person who setup but the kubernetes cluster and have admin privileges to configure access. If not, this article will be of little help.

Fix X-Axis Movement on Ender-3 Pro 3D Printer

One day, the x-axis of my Creality Ender-3 Pro 3D printer started to violently shake and vibrate while moving along the rail. I fixed this problem by securing a loose wire in the connector to the x-axis motor's endstop. This endstop mechanism automatically halts movement of the stepper to avoid damaging the 3D printer. When this endstop mechanism misfires too early, and the 3D printer is continously trying to move the stepper, a violent shaking and juttering of the stepp occurs because the printer is trying to move the stepper forward while the endstop is trying to move it back.