OrchardCore 1.7 Released!

Favorite Features

Posted by admin on September 20, 2023

OrchardCore version 1.7 is now available for you to use!

In this post, I cover some of my favorite features of OrchardCore 1.7.

Two-Factor Authentication

OrchardCore now supports 2-factor authentication (2FA) with email and SMS messages. But by far my favorite feature is support for authenticator apps.

You can now use your prefered authenticator app such as Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator and use one-time passwords (OTP).

You can enable two-factor authentication by navigating to the Features section of the Admin area of your OrchardCore site. Search for two-factor to filter the feature list. There you can choose to enable any and all methods: Email, SMS and Authenticator App.

Once enabled, you see a new menu item named Security under the user down carret menu in the upper right hand corner.

On the TwoFactor configuration setting screen, you see a list of the two-factor methods you enabled from the features screen. If you enabled Authenticator app, you'll see that option. If you have yet to set it up, you can click the Add button to get started. If already setup, you'll see Set and Reset buttons.

Click Add to get to the Configure Authenticator App screen.

On the configuration screen, you'll see everything you need to get setup. If you already have an authenticator app, you scan the QR code or type in the key code to your app. If you don't have an app, you'll see links to the Android and iOS app stores to get one set up.

Once your authenticator app has an entry for your site, you can look at the current OTP code and key it in step 3 on the screen to verify that the authenticator app was registered correctly.

After verifcation, you are all set up with 2FA using an authenticator app. When you log in with your password you'll be prompted for the one time password.

And that's it!

The best part, as is with all features in OrchardCore, is that this works for all your tenants (if enabled). It just works. And it's great.

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